Haile Hotels and Resorts, is a privately owned and situated in various part of Ethiopia. It was established in 2010, by opening Haile Resort in Hawassa. Since then, the company has increased its destinations to four, by opening Haile Hotel Shashemene, Ziway Resort and Yaya Africa Athletics Village.Read More


Our mission is to consistently deliver enduring memorable experience to our guests, job satisfaction to our associates, sustainable profit to the owners & pride to our country through “ይቻላል” (It’s Possible!) service and management sprit.


To be a benchmark indigenous hospitality chain developer and operator in East Africa based on '' ይቻላል) ''( It’s Possible) spirit by the year 2025.
Accordingly, the Haile Brand;
  • Continues to develop hospitality establishments in new locations across the Ethiopia and the Region.
  • Reinforce our position as a vital component of Ethiopia’s hotel industry through creating brand awareness for local, global travelers & competing with global brands.
  • Becomes a widely recognized hospitality brand– in hotels, resorts, fitness and wellness centers, Athletic village, Hospitality Institute, tour and travel.
  • Sets new standards and Marketing strategy for each property category.
  • Builds links and network with developers, consultants and technology companies.
  • Invests and execute advanced property management technologies.
  • Invests in its employees and management to develop pool of experts and talents.
Our Core Values- Our success
The famous word of Athlete Haile Gebresilasie, "Yichalal" which means ‘It is possible’ made Haile Hotels and Resorts company possible. Haile Hotels and Resorts is a company established to provide the best hotel and resort service in Ethiopia and Africa. Within short period of its establishment time, Haile Hotels and Resorts have boosted the hotel and resort sector in Ethiopia with very significant contribution. Though we got in to the business in 2010, six years back, we have increased our number of destinations into four. Starting from the grand opening of Haile Resort at Hawassa, we have been and still are the best choice for uncountable tourists, business travelers, family trip and other clients. We have also created more than thousands of job opportunity in all of our destinations.


Haile Gebrselassie Is an Ethiopian athlete, who is the greatest long distance runner of all the time. He is an Olympic and world champion, Winning two Olympic gold medals at 10,000 meters and four world championships at the same distance.
He has won the Berlin Marathon for a record four times, the Dubai Marathon twice and also the 2001 Dubai Half Marathon. He has broken 61 Ethiopian records in the course of his career in distances from the 800m to the marathon. He has also set 27 World Records, ranging from the 1500m to the marathon. He also widely considered one of the greatest distance runners of all time.